Oni Abiodun, the youngest member of the group, was born in 1963 at Kwara State, Nigeria.  She completed her primary education at Irunda, a small village in the town of Insanlu, situated by the side of a beautifully glazed rock mountain.   After completing her education she traveled north to Jos; assisting her older brother and his family in the daily running of household matters.

In 1979 she came to live with her older sister Yemisi at the Chief Twins Seven Seven gallery in Oshogbo, Oyo State.   After her arrival she studied her sister.  Nike’ and Bintu, eventually learning and devoting herself to batik arts, thus experimenting with the new methods of creative expression.  Her work along with Yemisis, Bintu and Cornelius was exhibited in 1986 at Grinnell Gallery on Riverside Drive in New York City.